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Beaver Meadow is a small company based in the rural town of Market Rasen, utilising the talents of the owners
Beverley and Leigh and using the old English meanings of their names together they are 'Beaver Meadow'.

On-site Leigh's heart is in his growhouses and he specialises in the growing, care and
supply of a wide range of Carnivorous plants, Pitcher plants, Flytraps, Sundews and many other varieties from
the carnivorous plant world. Supplying start-up grow kits to try your hand at growing your own or
small to full size mature plants in many colours and sizes.

Leigh also a musician, keyboard and whistle player, has created a range of relaxation music that will help the pains
of the day float away, energise the body and rest the mind. If all else fails a glass of Leigh's handmade mead made
with local harvested fruit and honey will smooth the ragged edges off any day.

On-site Beverley, owner of Touches Spa and a highly qualified Aromatherapist, utilises essential oils,
herbs, plant extracts and other only natural ingredients to provide a wide range of
natural Remedies to assist with many skin disorders and common ailments.

On-line Beaver Meadow designed and maintains the free Market Rasen Guide Website to connect local businesses
and people within Market Rasen and it's surrounding areas, brings the opportunity of affordable and
adaptable web design to individuals and small business enterprises. Utilising experience in web and graphic design, offering a bespoke web design service giving you an attractive and functional site for your public or your customers.

There are many sides to 'Beaver Meadow' Jams, Marmalades, Mead, Home Baked Cakes, Carnivorous and
Healing Plants, Natural Remedies, Therapies and Music, all are born from a love of nature, a longing to live alongside nature and to gain an understanding of the beauty it provides whether it be a taste, smell, sound, touch or colour.
The world although harsh at times is a beautiful place if we can just stop in our busy lives for a moment, to enjoy a taste, watch a seed become a plant, take a breath of freshly pulled mint, watch the sunset and the moon rise,
this is nature at it's finest.


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Telephone: 01673 849958

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