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Venus Flytraps Plants Grow List

Dionaea Muscipula - Venus Flytrap
BMDM001 DM "Big Mouth"
BMDM002 DM "Blood Red"
BMDM003 DM Sawtooth
BMDM004 DM Giant Peach
BMDM005 DM H25
BMDM006 DM Z07
BMDM007 DM "Dutch"
BMDM008 DM "Royal Red"
BMDM009 DM "Low Giant"
BMDM010 DM "B52"
BMDM011 DM "Fine Tooth x Red"
BMDM012 DM "Cup Trap"
BMDM013 DM "South West Giant"
BMDM014 DM Red Dentate
BMDM015 DM "Tiger Teeth"

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